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An ALIZE config file is a text file containing configuration names parameters, followed by parameters, like bellow:

distribType			GD  
maxLLK				200
minLLK				-200
bigEndian			false
saveMixtureFileFormat		RAW
loadMixtureFileFormat		RAW
loadFeatureFileFormat		SPRO4
featureServerBufferSize		ALL_FEATURES
featureFilesPath		./prms/
mixtureFilesPath		./data/

Config files are used to configure ALIZE library from programs you develop or LIA_RAL tools and utilities like TrainTarget or TrainWorld.

At a beginer level you need to define a minimal set of parameters in config files to use the utilities of ALIZE. If you don't define this minimal set in config files, ALIZE Programs will generate errors.

At a programmer level, you will use methods from ALIZE Library to manage the config files and what they contain inside your applications. You can define yourself your own set of config parameters, and manage it with the config checker of ALIZE.

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